dealing with the grief of loss
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dealing with the grief of loss

When you lose someone that is close to you, getting past the grief can be difficult and can take a very long time. So, how to you get past that grief without it consuming you? When I lost my husband to a car accident, I struggled for months trying to find my footing. I missed a lot of work, couldn't pay my bills and had a difficult time getting out of bed each morning. That was until I began going to grief counseling. This was one thing that I never thought that I would do, but it has helped me in so many ways. To learn about some of the tools that I have been using to get past this difficult time, visit my website.


dealing with the grief of loss

  • What Are Panic Attacks And How Can They Be Treated?

    4 August 2015

    Panic attacks involve feelings of intense anxiety that manifest themselves in physical and emotional stress. A panic attack may appear suddenly, without warning or provocation, even during sleep. Physical symptoms include rapid heartbeat, tightness in the chest and back, labored breathing, dizziness, and possible nausea. Because these are also among the symptoms of a heart attack, the victim may experience further anxiety, which causes the symptoms to become worse. The random nature of panic attacks also increases the anxiety and even the frequency of panic attacks, as the victim fears experiencing the feeling of intense dread and physical discomfort.

  • Tips To Help A Loved One Break Free From An Addiction

    30 June 2015

    Helping a family member who is struggling with a drug addiction can be overwhelming, sad, and frustrating, until he or she decides to get help. At that point, this person's life could change for the better, especially if he or she decides to get the right types of help. Substance abuse counseling is one option that can help tremendously, but there are several things you may want to keep in mind as you help this family member break free from the chains of a drug addiction.

  • How To Get Help After Going Through A Difficult Time

    19 June 2015

    Whether a loved one has passed away, whether you are going through a divorce, or for any other reason, being sad is a very normal emotion for going through tough times. Here are some things to consider that might help. Helping Yourself - Start off byhelping yourself through your sadness. Of course, time is a great healer, but there are other specific things that you can do, too. Of course, you probably can't make yourself cry, but if you do, that's a good thing.

  • Pets And Kids: What Behaviors Are Normal, And What Behaviors Require Professional Counseling?

    9 June 2015

    Doctors and psychologists have long praised the positive effects that pet ownership can have on a child. A family dog or cat can teach your child empathy, responsibility, social skills, and the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships.     Yet, pet ownership has some potential downfalls, as well. Here are three potentially serious situations that often warrant the help of a child psychiatrist or counselor. Death of the Family Pet

  • Struggling In College? One Of These Three Common Psychological Disorders May Be The Reason Why

    29 April 2015

    College is a time of new beginnings and opportunities. If you are struggling with a psychological disorder like ADHD, clinical depression, or anxiety, however, your college experience can suffer greatly. Here is a look at these three disorders, and why symptoms can exacerbate during your college years. Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, does not only affect children. Children with ADHD grow into adults with ADHD; this is a neurobiological disorder resulting from chemical imbalances in the frontal lobe, so it is not a condition that children simply "