dealing with the grief of loss
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dealing with the grief of loss

When you lose someone that is close to you, getting past the grief can be difficult and can take a very long time. So, how to you get past that grief without it consuming you? When I lost my husband to a car accident, I struggled for months trying to find my footing. I missed a lot of work, couldn't pay my bills and had a difficult time getting out of bed each morning. That was until I began going to grief counseling. This was one thing that I never thought that I would do, but it has helped me in so many ways. To learn about some of the tools that I have been using to get past this difficult time, visit my website.


dealing with the grief of loss

What Can PHP Treatment Do For You?

Pedro Carr

Partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is a good option for many people looking for treatment services on par with residential recovery programs. For many people in addiction recovery, PHP poses itself as a solid option for making progress.

Not sure how PHP can work for you? The answers to these questions can help you understand which treatment option is ideal for your situation.

Who Does PHP Work For?

PHP treatment is a good option for anybody who is looking to stay sober and receive treatment, especially in the initial days of release from a program. The sessions last longer and meet more often than other types of session options, which makes PHP a great choice for those who do not yet feel stable outside of a residential facility.

PHP is also a solution for individuals who are still in some stages of detox. For some clients, detox is not a simple process. PHP can provide guidance and support during this difficult time.

Finally, PHP is also a good choice for individuals who might be at a higher risk of relapse. You may benefit from having more time with professionals who can provide support as you move through the stages. When you find yourself in a position where you are less likely to relapse, you can choose a different treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of PHP Treatment?

PHP treatments offer several benefits, including the ability to safely transition into "real life." PHP provides the benefit of giving you a routine that you can comfortably stick to, avoiding falling back into bad habits.

If you want to move slowly, PHP is a great choice. You can stick to a pace you are comfortable with as you recover in the outside world. Everybody moves through recovery at their own pace, so you should not feel intimidated by this.

Finally, treatment offers a variety of modules that help you through this difficult time. For example, you can attend group therapy sessions in addition to solo sessions to build confidence and resilience.

How Can You Receive PHP Treatment?

Do you think you are a good candidate for PHP treatment? Your next step is to call a professional who offers treatment and discuss your needs. What kind of sessions are you interested in, and how often do you want to come in? You can discuss all these options on the phone when you set up treatment services. Reach out to professionals who provide PHP treatments for more information.